official album title: ONE MAN DOWN / LIVE 2000
Signed, Numbered limited edition
street date: July 4, 2000
label/dist: n/a (Independently released)
produced by : Chris Taylor
recorded in : San Antonio, TX

1. another witness
------4.14.00 the venue - olathe, ks
2. secret of the universe
------5.2.00 live at hard rock cafe - san antonio, tx
3. thirty three
------(taylor intense sore throat, justin sings chorus)
------4.20.00 gulf breeze, fl
4. sad day in heaven
------5.2.00 live at hard rock cafe - san antonio, tx
5. wonderful thing
------5.2.00 live at hard rock cafe - san antonio, tx
6. higher ground
------4.14.00 the venue - olathe, ks
7. bleeding hearts club
------4.14.00 the venue - olathe, ks
8. high on love
------10.2.99 the living room sessions - san antonio, tx
9. the river
------5.2.00 unrehersed band jam, hard rock cafe
10. watching over you
------10.2.99 the living room sessions - san antonio, tx
11. down goes the day/amazing grace
------4.14.00 the venue olathe, ks


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Distributed by Eternal Gypsy Music
The Lo-Fi Project
Product Number: CTODISC 111101-2
UPC Code:6-56317-58062-1

O.K., everybody says it--'you sound so different live than on your records!' so I thought it was high time to capture some of these songs to tape so people can take home a bit of live music passion from the band. On this particular collection, I pulled what I thought were the most inspired performances from three different shows, two of which were on the road, and one from the Worthless Pursuit album release party. We didn't go back and fix any wrong notes or even try and slick the thing up at all, so it's just us pluggin'in and playing loud! I give full praise to the band for flowing along with all the changes- many times they had no idea what song we were about to do or how many measures before the chorus or if we were gonna do the big break in Down Goes the Day-yeah, I'll take all the blame for that. But I will say that if the performer is on the edge of his seat, maybe the audience is too. No safety net--I kinda like that.

Also, this cd is not a big produced recording, so please know it's rather bootlegged but still well worth listening to. Mr. Travis Brockway recorded the Olathe, Kansas and Gulf Breeze, Florida shows directly from the board and Mr. Geoff Lupton recorded the Hard Rock Cafe show from the board to mini-disc as well, and neither of them had any idea I would want to release the tapes later. So I hope you enjoy the tunes and keep this as another chapter in your ever-growing Chris Taylor music collection.

Thanks for listening--Chris

field engineers:
travis brockway, geoff lupton
photographs by allen clark /limited edition packaging design by paul soupiset
artist management: greg carnes productions

Chris taylor: singer,
acoustic guitar, harmonica
Justin graves: bass,
acoustic guitar, vocals
Shane kyle: drums, percussion
Ruben v: lead guitar, vocals

additional musicians:
Sarah hoover: cello, vocals
Rick brown: organ, piano
David Martin: additional
acoustic guitar on 8

this performance © 2000 chris taylor / eternal gypsy music. All Rights Reserved.
Eternal Gypsy Music PO Box 33544 San Antonio Texas 78265
Original recordings of all songs [except 8, 10] can be found on the Rhythm House Records releases of
Chris Taylor’s Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth and Down Goes The Day