This recording was in no way meant to be a big league release with all the trappings of what’s hot in the music business. It’s not a follow up to Worthless Pursuit… rather a stretch of the artistic muscles, a trip off the beaten path, a creative journey with my touring band and some of my closest friends for good measure.

official album title: The Lo-Fi Project
street date: December 7, 2001
label/dist: n/a (Independently released)
produced by : Chris Taylor
recorded in : San Antonio, TX

01. oxygen of the gospel (home demo)
02. courage to crawl
03. unknown hour
04. i am the least in my father’s house
05. one of those days
06. grace, speed, urgency (prayer for NYC)
07. send me a friend
08. wednesday (acoustic version)
09. soft place to fall
10. trouble for the world
11. lovin’ arms
12. before our wedding day*
13. trophy of your grace

*(featuring david martin of lady jane grey)


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Distributed by Eternal Gypsy Music
The Lo-Fi Project
Product Number: CTODISC 111101-2
UPC Code:6-56317-58062-1

Chris Taylor gave his fans a one-two punch in December 2001 by releasing two CDs on the same date. These are two seperate projects -- "think of them as fraternal twins," the marketing material said -- that work together to capture a poignant season in Chris Taylor's life.

Chirs comments, "the project actually started with "lo-fi". we went into the studio and just got going... i think we tracked like... fifteen songs or so. the ones that had the most consistency in the themes behind the record made the final cut. although, there were some interesting things that didn't. we came out with a VERY grass roots bootleg version of "lo-fi" a while back* but it was meant to be a recording to be taken seriously... the idea of turning it into a double disc rolled around in my head but i wanted to write new songs, with more hooks and discipline as far as the structure was concerned..."lo-fi" is definitely a response to the questions and woes raised on "brand new ache". it's almost like a voice of comfort to all the pain of loss and break-up.

THE MAKING OF THE LO.FI PROJECT WHY? It was a time in my life I had alot of unresolved frustration going on in my head.  I wanted to take some musical control of my world and so I booked myself into this local home studio and called some friends to capture some magic to tape. The greatest part is that no one had heard these songs before… it was all fresh material that even I was barely used to.  I spent a day with Shane and Justin on the drums and bass parts… a day with Misty Jones to sample these loops for possible use.  I called Daveand Sarah of Lady Jane Gray and even got Dave to sing on a song called “BeforeOur Wedding Day” which he sings beautifully. Paul Soupiset, who most of you know as a behind the scenes art guy, played some fine tremelo gutiar parts and mandolin and sang bg vocals too… Monica Gonzalez is this girl who goes to my church and sings her heart and soul for God and his congregation and I had to get her involved… and while Iwas at it I stole the Youth Pastor David Morales to play alto sax oon a few tunes as well. Ruben V dropped by so I made himpick up a guitar on Trouble For the World…But the man who just blew me away waskeyboard player Rick Brown, who listened to all my crazy ideas and ranting and raving about all sorts of stuff and somehow made it all sound so good. It was beautiful chaos… chord charts flyin’ round… ideas flyin’ round… drum sticks dropped as Justin laughed (as in the beginning of Soft Place To Fall) and Ikept it all in the tune.  I even got Tony Franckowiak (the studios engineer) to play his pedal steel on Trouble For the World.  Iwasn’t thinkin’ aboutmaking a big record for someone to market to an audience… just wanted to createsongs that my friends could be a part of. It was all part of my own therapy and now can be part of yours too…(laughs)

Brand New Ache and The Lo-Fi Project -- are actually homegrown releases created "for the fans" by special arrangement with Rhythm House Records.

*pre-mixes of several of these tracks were originally released as a 2000 homegrown demo entitled
LO-FI GOSPEL MUSIC, LOVE SONGS, & SMALL CELEBRATIONS. Click here for information on the pre-mix / pre-release

Some of Taylor's comments:

This is just a prayer of mine.  I came up with that bass line, hummed it to Justin and he brought it to life .  Just two chords but Sarah and Rick Brown add the beautiful touches. After laying the drum track, Shane played percussion on this ornatemetal towel rack of sorts.  Dave M. with his sax sounds sweet… I think this was take 2.

One of my favorites to play live.  Justin and Misty sing these bg vocals.  Shanes drums are perfect for this tune.  Had two or three versions of lyrics and I’m still thinkin’ I shoulda used another lyric of mine.

Love that title… another prayer and one of my favorite lyrics. I had the chord progression for the verses and minutes before recordingit, I asked Justin to write some music for the ‘selah’ section.  It’s all weird and ghostly, just
the way Ilike it to be. Sarah, Misty & Monica sang like angels and I get to listen to it over and over.  Justin played allthe gutiars and the bass and this is one of the high points on thiscollection.  

Originally written around 2 am one foggy night when Teresawas away and recorded on Eddie Moraleses’ 4-track he letme borrow for a fewweeks.  Of coarse, I barely knew what Iwas doing on the thing but I found the record
button and demoed it in a sleepyhaze… I didn’t write any lyrics for it, just a title and that dreamy feeling.

SEND ME A FRIEND Rejected in a batch of songs submitted to Rhythm House backin January 1999, I always found myself going back to it.  Taken directly from the scripture of Ecc. 3…I wanted to write a song around the actual text without moving it or changingit up too much.  Monica Gonzalez, SarahHoover and Misty Jones rise to the occasion on
their vocals and the band justrules in Am!  By the way, that’s Justinslammin’ the studio door just before the song kicks in…

The demo was made up one night when I set the sound system up in my living room, turned the tape on and pressed record on the mini-discplayer.  The chorus came to mespontaneously, both words and music and I kept it pretty much “as is”.  Misty adds a subtle background vocal thatfits like a glove, and Ruben V. plays around Tony’s pedal steel beautifully…ahhh… I’ve got some talented friends!

SOFT PLACE TO FALL Justin says my vocal reminds him of David Mead (who is one great pop singer) and since I had just picked up his cd weeks before, his influence could have slipped in.  This is a simple tune and I just love Sarah’s voice singin’ on the chorus.  That real “slidy” sounding thing on theverses is Justin’s bass… cool huh?

Ok… I recorded this with Eddie Morales on a rainy day January 26th 1999.  We met upwith another cool guy named Patric Farrell, who recorded us in a small room inhis apartment.  I really liked thisversion, both small and intimate. 
Eddie played a very keyboardy sounding electric gutiar and I sang and played theacoustic.

Definitely not a song to be sung at a wedding, I wrote thisabout how easy it is to go astray.  And Lady Jane Gray is known for Sarah’s lovely voice and cello, but I really wantedto highlight Dave Martin’s vocal.  I think he’s got a great voice, so I taught him the song minutes before he laiddown this vocal.  We did it in one or two takes. 
Myself, Paul Soupiset and Sarah sang the chorus vocals, and I played gutiar.