Good Thing & Bright and Morning Star were released by Rhythm House Records in 1997 after having secured their rights from Word Records. The CD Single Contained both album and radio edits of each song, and was technically Chris' solo debut, although that honor is generally ascribed to Down Goes The Day, his first full-length solo CD. At the time, Chris penned the following journal:

official album title: Good Thing Single
street date: 1997
label/dist: Rhythm House
produced by: Brent Bourgeois
recorded in: Nashville, TN
1. good thing 6:14
2. good thing (radio edit) 4:37
3. bright & morning star 5:38
4. bright & morning star (radio edit) 3:49


One of the tracks was featured on the Word Records sampler, Mindy's Revenge. The Good Thing cover design also won an Addy Award.


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Distributed by Rhythm House Records
Good Thing
Product Number: RHD-0996-2
UPC Code:6-34387-09962-5

"You’re driving through Nashville heading towards Salt Mine Studios and it’s rainy but you don’t care ‘cos you’re working with Brent Bourgeois and you’ve admired his work since you did that air band with Baron& John at that 1980’s youth camp. (the song was Bourgeois Tagg’s Mutual Surrender)  and now you’re singin’ this song you wrote a few months ago called Good Thing which is sorta country but not really… and you’re playin’ harmonica and singin’ “maybe it’s a good, good thing” and Brent’s diggin’ it and you don’t know where it’s all going to end up but you’re lovin’it.  So you throw in the line “If you ask me where I’m headed now… well I don’t have it within me but maybe that’s a good thing.” 

‘Cos sometimes it’s better when you don’t know. Even this simple little song called Bright and Morning Star comes out of the speakers like a sunrise and it’s kept simple but is very lushin it’s production.  Matt Slocum is there playing that hooky little riff on his electric guitar.  Brent Milligan, who played bass is now playingthis synth-gutiar thing that sounds like keyboard drops of light while AaronSmith is playing drums and this cool Peter Gabriel like percussion but it’s notvery high in the mix.  You beg Brent tosing the Slidy BG vocal part and he does… he multi-tracks himself singin’ all the harmonies and you get this on video while no one is looking.  The maser of mix, Craig Hansen is manning the board, which is like another type of instrument altogether… and makes it all sound sweet to the ears. In the end, I didn’t choose to sign with Word Records… so these two demos were left to sit on my shelf and gather dust until I decided to put them out in a limited edition two song cd single with two different editsof each song. Iaffectionatley called it “the good thing single”.

the players:
chris taylor ~ singer, acoustic guitar, harmonica
matt slocum ~ lead guitars
ed morales ~ additional acoustic guitar
brent milligan ~ bass guitar,
additional lead guitar
aaron smith ~ drums, percussion
the choir:
brent bourgeois,
chris taylor, ed morales,
allison & catherine pierce

the players:
chris taylor ~ singer, acoustic guitars
matt slocum ~ lead guitar
brent milligan ~ bass guitar,
additional lead guitar
aaron smith ~ drums, percussion
brent bourgeois ~ background vocals

© 1997 rhythm house music,ascap
all rights reserved.
produced by brent bourgeois
engineered by: craig hansen
recorded at saltmine studios, brentwood, tn
mastering and editing
by randy leroy at final stage, nashville, tn
art direction & design:
paul soupiset for toolbox studios
photographs by thunder image group,
ansen seale & the taylor archive