official album title: Deep Blue Sea sampler
street date: August 28 , 2001
label/dist: n/a (Independently released)
produced by : Chris Taylor & Greg Carnes
recorded in : -various-

Tracks From “Brand New Ache”
01. Clear Blue Goodbye
02. Here’s to the Losers…Bless Them All
03. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Tracks From “The Lo-Fi Project”
04. Oxygen of the Gospel
05. Trouble for the World
06. Courage to Crawl

Bonus Tracks
07. Thirty Three (live in austin, tx)
08. Bleeding Hearts Club (live w/ mike roe)
09. Wednesday (night version)
10. Tomorrow Takes Too Long (1995)


This limited edition, ten song sampler offered fans a glimpse at the upcoming “Brand New Ache” and “The Lo-Fi Project” CDs, and also showcased four bonus tracks, including a love coma era version of Tomorrow Takes Too Long and two songs recorded live in Austin with the 77's Mike Roe.

Distributed by Eternal Gypsy Music
Deep Blue Sea Sampler
Product Number: n/a
UPC Code: n/a