A singer, a songwriter and a guitarist, Taylor is also one
of the area's most fearless music performers.
Taylor fronts rock bands and works in stark acoustic
situations and he’s excellent at both.

Jim Beal, Jr. San Antonio Express News / June 2004


Who is Chris Taylor?

Chris Taylor is a singer, pocket option trading songwriter, guitar and harmonica player.  He writes his own tunes and has recorded over 11 CD projects.  Many of them have had decent distribution through out the United States and beyond.

Chris Taylor is also an artist.  He draws, paints and sketches on anything around him. 

He’s done album covers for Misty Jones & Sixpence None the Richer as well as his own released projects.  His songs and his artwork run hand in hand. Later next year, Taylor’s illustrations will be released nationwide in a series of 6 children’s books written by author Mr. Saunders out of Nashville, TN.    

How it All Began

Taylor’s musical career began in 1987 but found he found his niche when Taylor met Chris Dodds, TJ Behling and Matt Slocum and together they formed the band Love Coma (1991-1996). 

(Matt went on to form the http://pocketoption.br.com/demo-account band sixpence none the richer– with hits like Kiss Me and a remake of the La’s There She Goes)

Love Coma proved to be a positive springboard for Sixpence as well as Taylor’s solo career building an underground fan base in theTexas club scene. 

Love Coma’s line up changed throughout the years:

Matt Slocum—guitar

Chris Dodds—drums

TJ Behling—bass

Chris Mattingly—guitar

Jeff Duncan—bass

Matt Odom—bass

Curtis Saunier—bass

It was in the mid 90’s that Taylor knew it was time to branch out on his own.  Love Coma broke up in 1996 but the memories live on.

2 CDs Recorded:

Love Coma—Soul Rash

Love Coma—Language of Fools


The Solo Music

Following the disbanding of Love Coma in 1997, Taylor began work on his Rhythm House Records debut, down goes the day, which hit stores across the U.S. in the summer of 1998.  Interweaving moodiness and celebration, down goes the day set Taylor on the song writing path that has resulted in the buoyant and pop flavored Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth, whose hooky choruses and memorable melodies caught the attention of the Music Association.  The album was nominated for “Rock Album of the Year” in April 2001 and has received much critical acclaim.

Even VH-1 has been showing Taylor’s mug recently in conjunction to his relationship with Sixpence and the acclaim their music has brought them. But Chris continues to pocket option es legítimo plug away playing coffee shops, festivals, clubs and anywhere else the people are & not letting any of this “perceived” fame cause him to lose focus on getting music and the message of love to the people who need to hear it most.

After touring throughout 2000-2001 with bands like Waterdeep, The Normals, The Seventy Sevens, Vigilantes of Love and playing festivals such as the One Fest, Cornerstone Festival, Texas Folklife Fest just to name a few, Taylor felt it time to get back into the studio and record some new music for the fans and for his own artistic endeavors.


Right Here – Right Now


Today Taylor is busy creating music both on CD and in live settings.

Having just finished a new project called “under the sun”, Taylor is anxious is play out live more than ever.

He is currently doing shows with Ruben V and Taylor also plays live with his band called “the notorious sinners”.


Chris Taylor

CD Timeline:



*93—love coma—soul rash

*95 –love coma– language of fools

*97—ct single– good thing

*98—ct—down goes the day

*99– ct—worthless pursuit

*01—ct– brand new ache

*01—ct– lo-fi project

*02—ct—adventureland - kids cd project

*03—notorious sinners cd

*04—co -wrote songs for Ruben V’s CD I AM

*04—ct– under the sun double disc


What the Press is Saying:

Modern rock with moody instrumentation and deeply personal lyrics." -- YAHOO MUSIC

Taylor... comfortably dips a toe in folk, rock-a-billy, blues, and even industrial rock without missing a beat, and without any of it sounding out of place.  A very talented songwriter/singer whose music refuses to be pigeonholed...."  

Kim Jones from About Music Magazine


Rarely does one hear an artist so fully realized as Chris. Rare still comes the opportunity to work with an artist of the caliber. It is my pleasure to say that with his latest record, I had the chance to do both. I'm a fan, plain and simple."

Rick Elias (producer—LA/ Nashville)


Ruben V, able to kick out the blues/rock jams with his band and easily switch gears to do a solo acoustic set, ...While he can make a Fender guitar talk, V also knows how to pen heartfelt and incisive lyrics...Taylor, like V, also is comfortable in various musical settings....Taylor also knows his way around the solo trip and one of the best acts in town.

San Antonio Express News

Venues CT and Band have performed to rave reviews :






Broadway 5050

Gus and Woodrows

The Lighthouse Café

County Line

Scenic Loop Cafe

Borders Books & Music

Austin St. Live

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